Michael Vaughan has said that he wants India to be an example for the UK in terms of cricket. India are the clear 4.4 favourites and that’s for a reason. I was going to try and identify who I thought their best players were but before I knew it I’d found myself jotting down seven or eight names; they’re that good and their side has that many match winners. If I were to pick just one though it would be that man Virender Sehwag.

People talk about him as one of the great entertainers but that only tells half the story. Those big sixes at the top of the order are great to watch but dispatching the opening bowlers to every part of the ground also puts the opposition under huge pressure from very early on. He scores plenty of runs and he scores them very quickly and is probably the player in world cricket who is most capable of winning a match on his own.


Michael Vaughan has said that Australia should be really worried about their alarming dip in form after the recent Ashes losses. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s several England players such as captains Michael Atherton and Nasser Hussain were bullied and beaten by a dominant Australia, their form dropping any time they played in an Ashes contest.

But Vaughan, who guided England to a breakthrough Ashes victory on home soil in 2005, says Australia’s crop of inexperienced Test players could suffer similar problems after the 3-1 thrashing they received.
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”If Australia aren’t careful, these young players will be scarred,” Vaughan said.