The Indian cricket team has come under fire from various sections following their spineless performance Down Under.

They have lost three of the 4 test matches, with one left. Two of these matches were lost by an innings and some runs. This is surprising, as this is the same team which smashed the Australian side to smithereens in a series back at home.

One of the most scathing criticisms has come from Michael Vaughan, commentator and ex-England captain. He said in a tweet that before the beginning of the Indian Premier League, or IPL as it is better known, there was a team that went to Australia and beat them.

This team was under Sourav Ganguly, statistically India’s second most successful captain. This begs the question, “Is Mahendra Singh Dhoni incompetent, or has the IPL ruined the quality of cricket?”

Michael Vaughan also said that getting beaten isn’t a problem; every team has faced it at some point. But the manner in which the Indian team lost their marbles was pathetic. They put up no semblance of wanting to mount a fightback when they were down.

The ex-England captain has also recently been very vocal about spot-fixing cases that have been brought against a number of young players, mostly from Pakistan. A youngster named Mervyn Westfield has been arrested on charges of spot fixing in county cricket. This is a clear message to all other youngsters out there that if they try something similar, they will be prosecuted and sentenced to prison.

Michael Vaughan believes that spot-fixing has been going on for quite some time now, but following the prosecution of the youngster, it will be on the back burner for some time. Some current players might have been running a cold sweat following the news. We just wish no more youngsters’ careers are wasted.


Former England captain Michael Vaughan has said that the England team faces tough challenges ahead and if they do not get their act together it will be difficult for them to remain at the top of the ICC Rankings as the best Test team in the world.

The Three Lions will travel to the United Arab Emirates to play Pakistan who are hungry for success against a strong nation after having an extremely mediocre decade. Vaughan says that the team might not remain at the top of the standings come the end of the year when they travel to India, who will be keen to avenge the 4-0 whitewash suffered in England.

England reached the summit of Test cricket for the first time since the ranking system was introduced after trouncing the newly crowned World Champions at home but Michael Vaughan believes that the Indian tour at the end of 2012 will determine who will lead the standings going into 2013.

The former opening batsman for England says that the Indians are extremely strong in their own backyard and the spinning Indian wickets have always posed troubles for English batsmen who failed to come to terms with the turn of the wickets. Vaughan also warned the fans that they shouldn’t expect the team to be playing the best cricket throughout the year – a slump is bound to come and they need to be realistic about it.

No one ever thought that the mighty Aussies could be displaced from the top but they have fallen from grace and England beat all the best cricket online betting odds to get there. Now they must improve certain aspects of their game to ensure they stay there.

Vaughan knows all too well that nothing can be taken for granted having been thrashed 5-0 in Australia after winning the series against them in 2005 and his warning comes as a timely reminder that Strauss and his men cannot take anything for granted.