Australia might have got some lightening quick bowlers

Michael Vaughan doesn’t think Australia is the kind of the team at the moment which cannot be defeated in its home conditions and he wants Joe Root to tell that to all the English players ahead of the start of the Ashes.

As per Vaughan, there will be a lot of hype, everyone will talk about the bouncy Australian pitches and the lightening quick bowlers that Australia has got, everyone will say the visiting team has no chance, but what the English players must keep in mind is that they still have to play a game of Cricket only and it will only be a Cricket ball which will be delivered from the other end and delivering that ball will not be an alien, but a human being only. So if they do what they are supposed to do at the batting crease, that is to watch the ball closely, get the feet into position and choose the right kind of shots to play, they will be able to manage Australia’s bowling.
In Vaughan’s opinion, Australia might have got some lightening quick bowlers, but that doesn’t mean they are a perfect team. They have got a lot of issues with their batting and their performance as a team in the recent past hasn’t been great. Also the last time the Ashes series was played in England, it was England which had emerged the winner and not Australia. So if anything, the psychological advantage is with England only.

Vaughan reckons its Root’s duty as captain to have a chat with his teammates and make them believe that it’s possible for them to win this Ashes series despite the entire Cricketing World not giving them any chance.

The Ashes is getting underway on 23rd of this month in Brisbane.

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