England might have won the Ashes but Vaughan not convinced

England might have won the Ashes, but, Michael Vaughan is not totally convinced with the mentality which they batted with in the series.

Vaughan’s advice to the young English batsmen is that when they step onto the pitch, they should keep in mind that they have to avoid playing those sorts of shots in which the risk of getting out is quite high. Once they get set, then, it’s a different ballgame. They can go for their flamboyant shots. But, at the start, a little bit of caution is essential.

Post the World Cup 2015 which saw the English Cricket embarrassing itself in front of the whole world by losing to Bangladesh; the English selectors have been looking to back the genuinely aggressive players, the likes of Ben Stokes, Jonny Bairstow etc.

In the view of Vaughan, there is no harm in having aggressive players in the ranks. It’s actually good. It’s just that those guys need to change their mentality slightly and be prepared to show more application. It should not matter for them if their strike rate is low for some time as they have the ability to make it up later on.

But, when they start, they should try and play percentage Cricket.

Vaughan is also concerned about the fact that whenever England has to bowl on a placid pitch, they seem to give up very early.

In the Ashes, there were a couple of pitches which were flat and the Kangaroos took the English attack to the cleaners on them.

Vaughan believes that when the pitch is not providing that much of help to the bowlers, it’s important that they bring the variations into play. Also, on those sorts of pitches, a little more intensity is needed than usual.