England Players dont Frequently Features in IPL

England is one team whose players don’t feature frequently in the Indian Premier League.

The first choice players of almost every other international team have got the Indian Premier League contracts and they spend eight to ten weeks in India every year.

You see the England team; on the other hand, except Eoin Morgan and now you can add Jos Buttler to that too who has been bought by Mumbai Indian recently, nobody else has got the contract in the biggest Twenty 20 League in the world.

And, most of the players in the current England Twenty 20 team, they have not visited India for the international games either so far.

The last time England had come to India was in 2012-13 and at that time, their set up was a lot different. Most of these players who are parts of the current set up were not playing at that time.

It’s only in the last twelve to eighteen months that these youngsters have come to the scene. So, in terms of the experience of playing on dusty and sluggish wickets, England is not quite there, but, the skipper Eoin Morgan believes that the lack of experience would not hinder his team’s run in the World Twenty 20 Championship.

According to Morgan, the English boys might not have visited India, but, they have had the tours of the other subcontinent nations and they have handled the conditions alright at those places.

Because of being in top 8 in the international Twenty 20 rankings, England has qualified for the Super 10 already and they are in Group 1.

The teams completing the rest of the Group 1 are West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka and a minnow which would make its way in later.