Michael Vaughan was one of England’s most elegant batsman, who in his prime was capable of taking apart any attack on his day.

Not only was he one of England’s great batsmen, he also has the honour of being England’s most successful captain of all time. His shrewd captaincy during the Ashes in 2005 was vital to allow England to left the urn for the first time in almost 2 decades.

Despite the joy Vaughan will have felt following his Ashes triumph, his most impressive performance as a batsman alone has to be his stunning tour of Australia in the 2002/03 series.

It was a disappointing series for England as a team, as they were once again comprehensively beaten by the Australian team, but for Vaughan it must have been hugely rewarding to be able to bat so freely and score such huge amount of runs against one of the best attacks in the game in foreign conditions.

It was a run of form that had Vaughan ranked as one of the top batsmen on the planet, and it was not only the sheer volume of runs he scored, but the way in which he scored them so effortlessly for England. Vaughan’s cover drive truly was a sight to behold, and it was this kind of stroke making which drew many comparisons to the similarly elegant David Gower.

At the time, anyone making a bet on cricket would have been tempted to back Vaughan to hit 100.

Like many of his predecessors as captain, Vaughan made the quick transition into the broadcasting side of the game in the aftermath of his playing career.

He has so far shown that the intricacies within the game he observed to give him an edge as a captain can be used to help enliven the viewing experience for viewers.