Michael Vaughan backs Cook

Michael Vaughan does not believe that Alastair Cook’s presence in the One Day team was the only reason England had not been able to perform well in that format of the game.

According to Vaughan, there are other areas too which need to be given a look.

Vaughan has however praised this change in leadership move by the selection committee of England even if it came a bit too late for his liking.

The Yorkshire man actually had been calling for Cook to be dropped for a long time.

Now that finally it has happened, Vaughan is happy and his advice to Cook is to have some time off and then, get back to his preparation for the West Indies tour as well as the Ashes which is going to be huge.

Meanwhile, in One Day Cricket, Vaughan is backing the new captain Morgan to make the team play in his own personality.

Morgan himself is a very aggressive batsman and Vaughan is hoping that he asks his teammates to play the same brand of Cricket.

In one of his articles recently, Vaughan wrote, “I think Morgan has got it in him to be able to lead a side. Under him, we would definitely see England playing slightly more positively, but, we should not have very high hopes because this team still has got a lot of areas to worry about.”

“Our problems are not only at the top of the order. We falter in the middle part of the innings too. We get stuck when the field is spread. We are not the experts when it comes to rotation of strike.”

“Bowling in the slog is another issue. We don’t bowl quite as many yorkers as needed at the end.”