Michael Vaughan has come up with an interesting idea for Test Cricket Popularity

Michael Vaughan has come up with an interesting idea of making the longest form of the game a little more favoured and also, a little more worthwhile to watch.

According to Vaughan, to have weak sides, who are on the 6th or the 7th position in the test match rakings, playing against the top sides doesn’t make too much of sense because there is nothing to look forward to in those cases. The outcome can be easily predicted even before a single ball is bowled.

So, the International Cricket Council should scrap the current system and there should be a new system in which the teams are divided into separate divisions with the top four sides being in the first division, the ones from no. 5 to no. 8 in Division two and the next four in Division three. And, then based on how the teams do in their own divisions, they should be promoted or demoted.

Vaughan was upset to see the test match season in England beginning with a match which did not go even into the 4th day with the visiting team Sri Lanka losing it by an innings.

England had not even had a score of three hundred in their first innings, still they managed to get Sri Lanka following on by bowling them out on 91and then, they got them out on a low enough total second time as well to have an innings win.

Vaughan said that the start of the Australian summer last year, when the West Indians had visited there, was lustreless too because the two sides were not matched at all and the same is the case of Sri Lanka and England as the former being nowhere near the latter in the conditions of the UK.