Michael Vaughan still in favor of Bouncers

Michael Vaughan has said that the recent tragic incident in the Australian domestic circuit would now prompt the cricketers to start respecting the opposition a bit more.
According to Vaughan, the modern cricketers use very rough language at times while playing. Some of them even go on to literally threaten the opposition.

But, now, that this unfortunate thing has happened on the cricket field, the scenario might change a little bit. The bowlers or the fielders might not be too keen to sledge the batsman in future.

However, Vaughan is completely against the suggestion that nasty short pitched stuff should be prohibited in cricket.
Vaughan reckons that without the bumpers, the competitiveness in the longest form of the game will decrease significantly and that would not be good at all.

The bumpers should continue to be bowled.
In his previous newspaper article, Vaughan wrote, “Test cricket needs bumpers. By banning them, you would absolutely destroy that form of the game. The standard of cricket would decline.”

“The bumpers test the technique of the batsman, if he is getting back and across or not, if he is getting the head in the right position or not and many more things. So, they must remain in the game.”
“However, this incident would surely reduce the amount of sledging that’s done these days. The players in the modern era are very aggressive, which is a good thing, but, they, sometimes, cross the line and say things which they shouldn’t say on the field. They even threaten, but, now, it might be different going forward. After this tragic incident, I don’t think too many players would try to verbally distract the opposition.”

In the last Ashes series, a lot of sledging was done by the Australian side which Vaughan and some of the other former England players did not like at all.