Michael Vaughan has called for public help to find the possessions of the late Ben Hollioake’s which were stolen from his parent’s house in a home invasion.

Hollioake died ten years ago in his home town of Perth at the age of 24 in a car accident.

He played two tests and twenty one day internationals for England and his loss was a shock to the International cricket community. Many believed that he was capable of playing at the top level for several years and being one of the games greats.

Ben Hollioake’s brother broke the news to the world and pleaded for help to recover the lost items. Many of the possessions were of sentimental value to the family and their loss hase been devastating to the family.

While police have recovered some of the stolen items, much of it is still missing and police are appealing for public for help.

In a tweet Micael Vaughn wrote ‘Please help find the idiots who have broken into @adamhollioake parents’ house and stole Ben’s England possessions.’

Vaughn went onto urge all Australians and international buyers to be vigilant when buying cricket memorabilia and to report any suspicious items to police. While it still isn’t known exactly what was stolen, any item relating to Hollioake should be viewed with a great deal of caution. It is expected that the robbers will attempt to sell what they stole.

Kevin Pietersen has also hit the tweetersphere to appeal to hisfollowers for help. He tweeted: “Please help find the idiots who have broken into @adamhollioake parents house and stole Ben’s England possessions.”

Among the items known to be stolen are One day international shirts and helmets, Test apparel and a range of cricket equipment used during his short international cricketing career.

Hopefully the bat will turn up. Meanwhile Michael Vaughan’s attention will switch to the England tour next week, with the latest cricket online betting making England firm favourites.