Michael Vaughan thinks that it’s not going to be one-way traffic for England in the upcoming Ashes as they will have to face a more settled Australian team this time around.

When Australia had toured England for the Ashes a couple of months back, they were looking completely unsettled. Except two or three players, nobody was a certainty in the XI.

In the first couple of matches of the series, the Kangaroos struggled a lot. But, as the series went on, they started finding the right kind of balance and towards the end of the series; they gave England a run for their money.

Now for the upcoming Ashes, the Australian team is looking much more settled. Not many places in the XI are up for grabs. The Australians will be playing in their home conditions too. So, one cannot just write off Australia for this Ashes. They will not let England just run away with the games and that’s what Vaughan also had to say when he was asked about the upcoming Ashes.

The former England captain said, “Australia will be more settled this time around and they will have a good idea of the conditions as well. So, I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for England.”

“The pitches in Australia are going to be different. They will be a bit quicker and the Aussies are used to playing on those kinds of surfaces. So, they will find it easier than the English players.”

“England will have to play better than how they played at home. They were clearly not at their best this summer, but, they managed to play better than the opposition and that’s what you need to do.”

England had beaten Australia by 3-0 in the previous Ashes series.