Michael Vaughan has said that South Africa is playing some great cricket in test matches at the moment and it’s not easy to replace them as the no. 1 test team.

South Africa had become the no. 1 team in test matches by defeating England in a 3-match test series last year. They have been at that position since then.

After becoming no. 1, South Africa went to Australia and defeated them by 1-0 in a 3- test match series. Then, they played a home series against Pakistan and white washed them.

When asked how hard it is to displace South Africa from that no. 1 spot, Vaughan said, “It’s very hard. They are playing some incredible cricket at the moment and they are winning not only at their home, but, overseas too.”
“You look at their record and you will see that they have won test matches almost all over the world in the last few years. I think they are too far ahead than the other teams.”

When asked about Alastair Cook’s defensive captaincy being blamed for England’s failure to win the test series in New Zealand, Vaughan said, “Look, my opinion is a little bit different. There is no doubt that Alastair Cook’s captaincy was baffling at times in the series against New Zealand, but, you have to give him time to become a good captain. This was only his second series.”

Vaughan praised the captaincy of Brendon McCullum in that series. The former England captain said, “McCullum was absolutely fantastic as a skipper. He hardly missed a trick. He was very clear in his mind when to be aggressive and when to sit back. I am really impressed with his captaincy.”