Vaughan Talks About Retirement

If there is any person in the England cricketing circles who knows how painful it actually is to retire from the game he so passionately played and loved, it is the former England skipper Michael Vaughan who hung up his boots in 2008 when he was still the captain of the team and so moved was he that he was reduced to tears as he departed the wicket after making his final bow.

And it is on this subject that the former England captain talks about in the new documentary that is to be aired on the BBC, titled Sporting Heroes: After the Final Whistle.
Speaking on the documentary, Vaughan said that he cried that time because he was giving up something that he had loved passionately.

He also added that one does go through a period of mourning after calling time on their careers, in spite of the fact that he had planned his retirement out some two or three years ahead of when he finally retired. Although Michael Vaughan has since moved on, he was faced with questions regarding the future of one of those who succeeded him as the captain of the England national team, Andrew Strauss, the English skipper in Tests.

Many people had raised questions over his ability to perform last winter as the team went on a downward spiral, losing four Test matches back to back and his own form also suffering with just one score of 100+ in 50 innings.

Speaking on the topic, Michael Vaughan stated that he would actually be amazed if Strauss hadn’t planned ahead but he doesn’t see any reason why he should call time on his career just now. He added that although Strauss is under pressure, the series against the West Indies is just the impetus he needs to get back in form.