Former England Captain Michael Vaughan has asked English cricket governing board to put the game back on terrestrial television as it is struggling to catch up with Rugby.

To access English cricket fans have to go through a Sky Sports subscription. Vaughan is preaching that after twelve years of doing that, the game is suffering as the young English public are losing interest.

The 2005 Ashes winner says he gets why the ECB made the move then but adds that the best thing now is to go terrestrial.

“I just get really jealous on a Six Nations weekend and I hear that eight million people are watching a rugby match and cricket isn’t getting that kind of audience. I guess in time we may get that and I think the people in charge are trying to get the right visibility for the game, but it is a different era. I think they’re playing a bit of catch up,” he said.

The former skipper said the management could have done more to improve the visibility after accepting a big offer on the table twelve years ago. He asked them to make judicious use of the fresh start to boost the game’s audience.

County chair and chief executives are poised to meet in London to vote for the continuation of the T20 Blast – something that offers them £1.3 million annually. The plan is to replicate the Big Bash in Australia during the summer where eight franchises would compete. In addition, the ECB plans to start new programmes that would catch the populace young.

He offered to give a real life example of how low the sport’s popularity has sunk. He said Joe Root would walk down the street and not many would know him, reflecting the level of visibility the ECB have to manage.